The Frontier Partisans Podcast

Episode 31 — The Filibusters, Part III — The Jameson Raid

June 11, 2022

The Jameson Raid, which took place at the turn of the year 1895/96, in the Transvaal in Southern Africa, was one of the most spectacular military cock-ups of all time. The Raiders, who had the backing of the imperialist diamonds-and-gold magnate Cecil Rhodes, and the tacit support of British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain, was supposed to be in support of a rising of aggrieved Uitlanders in the gold boomtown of Johannesburg, who were expected to fight for their civil rights. But the Rising fizzled, leaving the Raiders on their own hook. Boer Commandos surrounded and shot up Jameson’s column and forced them into a humiliating surrender.

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Music: Blue Frontier by Jim Cornelius

Graphics by Lynn Woodward, Woodward Creative

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