The Frontier Partisans Podcast

Episode 29 — The Filibusters I — Spawned By The Frontier

April 15, 2022

Filibuster is a corruption of a Dutch word meaning “freebooter.” As in buccaneer. As in semi-piratical adventurer.

Filibustering is a privately raised and funded military expedition into a country with which America was at peace, for the purpose of fomenting revolution and/or secession. The filibusters would then either run the country as an American-loyal personal fiefdom or seek annexation to the U.S.

Historian Joseph Allen Stout says, “Filibustering was spawned by the frontier and nourished by the spirit of expansionist adventurism that permeated all facets of American society during the 1850s.”

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Music: Blue Frontier by Jim Cornelius

Graphics by Lynn Woodward, Woodward Creative

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