The Frontier Partisans Podcast

Episode 21 — Frederick Russell Burnham — The Making of a Scout

November 16, 2021

Frederic Russell Burnham was a romantic who aspired from his youth to be a frontier scout. On his own on the Arizona frontier as a teenager, he apprenticed to old-timers and trained himself in the skills he prized — and tested himself in feud and on patrol in the late days of the Apache wars.

Further reading:

Scouting On Two Continents — Frederick Russell Burnham

Taking Chances — Frederick Russell Burnham

A Splendid Savage: The Restless Life of Frederick Russel Burnham — Steve Kemper


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Music: Blue Frontier by Jim Cornelius

Graphics by Lynn Woodward, Woodward Creative

Further reading: To the Banks of the Zambezi by T.V. Bulpin

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